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Our Remedies

We have a range of individual sessions and courses that will suit you for wherever you are on your well being journey


We completely understand that reaching out and asking for support can feel a little daunting, that's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be comfortable at every step. Inquire today and we will arrange a free 15 comfort call.

1 Session - 15 minutes


Maintenance Session

Specifically for individuals who are committed to maintaining their wellbeing needs, these sessions are only available to those who have already worked through “the.remedy”. It is advised that these sessions are booked in advance to allow for self accountability and reassurance of upcoming support. Maintenance sessions can be fortnightly or every 4 weeks. Reflexology within this time frame helps to keep stress at minimal levels while helping to maintain positive energy and reaffirmation of feeling peaceful and grounded.

1 Session - 60 minutes


Exploration Session

Before committing to a course of treatments, you may want to book on to this wonderful session of exploration. This is your chance to meet with your therapist to share what has been on your mind and why you are ready to take this next step in self-care. Your therapist will take a full medical history from you and answer any questions you have about reflexology. This can take between 30-60 minutes and this time is especially important as it begins to create a bond between you and your therapist. Once you are comfortable and content, a full 60 minute relaxation session will begin. Your therapist will recline you back into your chair with your feet raised. Your therapist will intuitively work over your feet using different techniques which allow them to read and help reset your body's system via the bottom of your feet. They will explain what they find before leaving you to drift off into a hazy dream. This elevating experience is to enable you to feel confident with the possibility of reflexology being the tool that will support you. You will leave this session feeling grounded yet uplifted, knowledgeable yet inquisitive.

1 Session - 90 to 120 minutes


Restoration Session

Hoping for a dose of healing magic without the tie of a full course of reflexology? After enjoying your first Exploration Session you are welcome to book as many Restoration sessions as you like. Full to them brim of total relaxation, you will always leave the safe warm room feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Your soul will feel peaked and feet feel free.

1 Session - 60 minutes


The Tincture

These humble sessions are dedicated to worshipping your delicate hard working hands. Reflexology applied throughout the fingers, thumbs, palms and wrists brings renewed energy and a lightness that's indescribable. The Tincture is another wonderful way to experience the wonders of reflexology, and can be added on as an extra or shared with any foot reflexology session. 

add on - 30 minutes



“I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met.”


Take a deep belly breath, relax and enjoy some time out reading through our thoughts on our beautiful holistic world.

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