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Our Remedies

We have a range of individual sessions and courses that will suit you for wherever you are on your well being journey

The Remedy

If you are ready to say yes to kick starting your wellbeing journey, then this course of treatments is designed just for you! Over 6 weeks you will work with your therapist by allowing your mind and body to succumb to the potent magic of reflexology. After completing your “exploration session”, you will have 5 more reaffirming sessions to help unlock your body's potential. Each session works by peeling back the layers of unbalance to find the root of the stress. You will leave each week feeling reacquainted with your body and relaxed in your mind. Each week you will grow stronger as your mind & body become more aligned and each system more balanced. This course of reflexology sessions will be combined with take home advice and tips to help you get back onto your path of self discovery.

Course - 6 Sessions over 6 weeks

Initial Session - 90 to 120 minutes
Subsequent Sessions - 60 minutes



This course of dedicated reflexology sessions is specifically designed for all those trying to get pregnant. At reroot.reflexology we understand how although exciting this time can be, it can also feel overwhelming and perhaps a little difficult at times. These sessions are dedicated to relieving everyday stress along with the added pressure of wanting to conceive. The aim is to ultimately help you or your partner to become pregnant, but more importantly for you to feel content and happy within yourself and/or within your relationship.

Course - 18 sessions
(6 weekly, 6 fortnightly then 6 monthly)

Each Session - 60 minutes

£ - Price to be agreed

Pregnancy & Postnatal

Whatever stage you are at within your pregnancy or postpartum period, reflexology can be a wonderful way to help your body settle into its ever changing environment. It is recommended that you come to sessions on a fortnightly basis to encourage a calm and nurturing environment for you and your growing baby. If in a relationship, it is preferable to treat each individual with reflexology to help gain an overall sense of calm and peace.

Course - 18 sessions
(6 weekly, 6 fortnightly then 6 monthly)

Each Session - 60 minutes

£ - Price to be agreed


“I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met.”

Our Blogs

Enjoy some time out and take a deep dive into our blog section where we aim to give you a varied look into the holistic health world.


Take a deep belly breath, relax and enjoy some time out reading through our thoughts on our beautiful holistic world.

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