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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Why should I have reflexology?

To put it simply, anyone should give reflexology a try if you are interested in understanding how this alternative holistic approach can work for you and any physical or mental symptoms you may already currently have.

What if I don’t have anything wrong with me, can I still try reflexology?

Absolutely! Reflexology is for everyone, from babies to the elderly. The aim is to help relax the nervous system which generally everybody could do with a little extra of!

Can I speak to the therapist before booking a reflexology appointment?

Of course! We completely understand that reaching out and asking for support can feel a little daunting, that's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be comfortable at every step.  You are welcome to send us an email, a message on instagram/facebook, or even book a comfort call. You can find all of this information over at the contact page here.

What will happen in my  first reflexology appointment?

Your first appointment Exploration Session is the most important for your therapist to begin to understand you and create a picture of your wellbeing journey so far. 2 hours will be allocated for you to explain your story, go over your medical history, and understand your therapist's approach. You will then be reclined back in your chair with your bare feet raised - the perfect height for your therapist to work on them. Your comfort is the main priority, so your therapist will initially be checking in with you to make sure you are okay. As pressure points are worked on over your feet, you will begin to relax and feel a sense of calm wash over you. When your therapist has finished, they will leave the room to wash their hands before coming back to gently wake you from your sleepy slumber. 

Together, over a glass of water, you will both talk about what sensations you felt throughout your feet and body. Once you are feeling grounded, your therapist will wish you a wonderful day and hope to see you again soon.

In your initial exploration session you will need to sign your medical history form, which will give reroot.reflexology your consent to go ahead with your reflexology session and that you are happy to have your information kept in accordance with GDPR. You can pre read your consultation form and GDPR rights here.|

You can book your first session by clicking here 

What will I need to bring to my appointment?

Just yourself!

Where do I come for my appointment?

For an appointment with Faye:

Room 4

Health Rooms

Jubilee Wharf

Commercial Road 


TR10 8FG


The health rooms at Jubilee Wharf are above Jumblie's Nursery and Muddy Beach Cafe. Read more about Faye's studio here.

For an appointment with Alice:

Carn Marth


Alice will provide extra details of location once appointment is booked. Read more about Alice's studio here.

Can I park nearby?

Exchequer Quay car park is located next door to Jubilee Wharf

  • 1 to 2 hours - £2.10

  • 2 to 3 hours - £3.10 

Or free parking on Commercial Road (one side 1 hr, other side 2 hrs)

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Sessions can be changed at any time but please give your practitioner as much notice as possible, as long as your practitioner hears from you 24 hours before the session, the session can be rescheduled. If your practitioner does not hear from you prior to your session, this session will be lost - unless in the case of an emergency.


In the unlikely case that sessions are being repeatedly rescheduled it may suggest that something in your partnership is not working for you, if this is the case your practitioner will schedule a chat to see what can be changed.

Do I need to wear anything specific to my appointment?

Just make sure you are wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and prepared to have bare feet.

What if I have ticklish feet?

Reflexology is applied using different amounts of pressure rather than a tickly sensation. However, if you feel worried about your feet, your therapist will always go at a pace that makes you feel comfortable as their main goal is to help you to relax.

Are there any toilets?

Yes! Jubilee Wharf has toilets (including disabled and baby changing) as you enter the first floor.

Is there disabled access?

Yes, there is a lift which is accessible via Jubiles Nursery. Your therapist will be happy to assist with this.

Is everything I say in my appointments confidential?

Absolutely! Unless your therapist believes you or someone else's safety is at risk.

Do I need to sign anything before my appointment starts?

In your initial exploration session you will need to sign your medical history form, which will give reroot.reflexology your consent to go ahead with your reflexology session and that you are happy to have your information kept in accordance with GDPR. You can read your GDPR rights here.

If you continue a course of treatments like the remedy you will be asked to read and sign a therapy agreement. You can read through the therapy agreement here.

What will happen at the end of my appointment?

Before you leave, your therapist will offer gentle wellbeing advice. The following day you will receive an email to check in on how you felt after your treatment, and to organise any following sessions.

Do you use balms or oils?

Your therapist switches up the balms they use regularly. Please let them know if you have any allergies so they can prepare something suitable for you.

Can I bring kids to the appointment?

Preferably you will come to your session on your own to really absorb this time for yourself. If you are having difficulties with child care please speak with your therapist to arrange an alternative.

Will I need to come for more than one session?

Although you can have a relaxing experience from one session, reflexology is more beneficial when given over a period of time.

Can I come for just one session?

You are more than welcome to come and enjoy your exploration session without committing to any more sessions.


“I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met.”


Take a deep belly breath, relax and enjoy some time out reading through our thoughts on our beautiful holistic world.

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