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5 Cornish Gifts For under £35

Here we have listed 5 delightful Cornish treats - perfect for any loved ones looking for a little bit of holistic self-care. Enjoy!

1) "Place this gorgeous hand made eye pillow over your eyes and allow the aromatic scent & gentle weight of the soft seed filling to melt all your stress away." Check out Sati for their other consciously created mediation products.


2) "By using our hands to transform natural materials into objects of beauty and utility, we reconnect with our creativity, our environment, and back to ourselves." - James at Otter Surfboards sums up perfectly in his book the beautiful and mediative practice of creating with our own bare hands.


3) A foraging course with Cornish Wild Food is a wonderful way to spend a conscious couple of hours in our wonderful landscape and learn about the edibles surrounding us. "You will also learn the principles of sustainable foraging, safe harvesting, useful tools and the laws on gathering wild food."


4) The Tincture with us! These humble sessions are dedicated to worshipping the delicate hard working hands of your loved ones. Perfect for reducing inflammation in the body, and providing an overall sense of calm and release. The Tincture is another wonderful way to experience the wonders of reflexology.


5) For £30 you can gift a private skate lesson with the lush folk at Love Park in Falmouth. They also have a 5 session pass for the same price, which we think is the perfect way to be part of our local community.


Hope this little selection has been helpful!

Get in touch if you have any more local wellness recommendations!


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