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Faye & Alice both have separate studios close to Falmouth and Truro (Penryn & Carn Marth). They provide a comforting safe space for anyone wanting to delve into a journey of self discovery.

Surrounded by the lushness and roughness of the cornish coastline, Faye & Alice have each independently created their own havens inspired by the warm tones of the natural world. An easy place to rest, relax and reroot with an hour of holistic reflexology.⁣

Faye & Alice are also keen to make cozy restful spaces on the move. Their canvas bell tent is the perfect mobile zen den that can be pitched almost anywhere and for any event, providing guests with restorative reflexology.

about reroot reflexology

reroot.reflexology was developed because of a noticeable need for services to help support those with physical and mental tensions. This safe confidential and inclusive space was created to empower individuals that they could feel healthier and more content within their bodies.

Manual therapy, along with talking therapy has been a proven factor in helping people to release tension within their bodies, and that's why reflexology is the perfect tool to work with individuals wanting relief and accountability.


meet the team


“I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met.”


find us

Faye is based at Jubilee Wharf in its beautiful eco building situated on the water's edge of Penryn harbour. There is parking near by with coffee shops and beautiful views for your after treatment hue. The building itself is host to other alternative practitioners and a beautiful large studio space designed to hold classes from hula - hooping to gong baths.

You can find Alice close to Redruth at her Carn Marth studio which also holds her creative endeavours. The soft, natural colour palette is a combination of a calm woodland and the ocean, with plants, gypsophila and seashells.

This has been their homes from the beginning and are the perfect environments to support and hold you on your journey.

Two sets of sandy bare feet laying on some brown rocks. The sea is lapping against the rocks.


Before committing to a course of treatments,  you may want to book on to this wonderful session of exploration. This is your chance to meet with your therapist to share what has been on your mind and why you are ready to take this next step in self-care.

1 Session - 90 to 120 minutes



Take a deep belly breath, relax and enjoy some time out reading through our thoughts on our beautiful holistic world.

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