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5 Gift Ideas For Wellness Folk

We have pulled together 5 of our favourite Cornish treats for you to gift this holiday season - perfect for any loved ones looking for a little bit of holistic self-care. Enjoy!

1) A Sauna Session at your local beach!

Here in Cornwall wood fired Sauna's are cropping up all around the coast, a perfect accompaniment to a wild swim! For our most local to Falmouth, you can find Escape Swims on Maenporth beach!


2) For a meditative experience have you thought of a woodworking workshop? Specifically, hand crafting your own wooden hand plane, belly board, or even a whole wooden surfboard! Thats exactly what our fabulous friends at Otter Surfboards can provide for you! Find them at Porthtowan's Mount Pleasant Eco Park.


3) Reflexology with us! We think there is nothing better than the gift of relaxation, so why not treat your loved one to a single session with our Exploration Session, a course with The.Remedy or our ultimate treat A Year of Reflexology!


4) This essential guide was made by our lovely friends at Wild Swimming Cornwall. It is a beautiful collection of some of Cornwall's most breathtaking sea swim spots, a perfect way to embrace a new wholesome hobby.


5) Silent Disco BeachYoga! An absolutely beautiful way to spend an enriching hour at the beach! Particularly at the Gwithan Dunes with Alicia Ray Wellbeing!


Hope this little selection has been helpful!

Get in touch if you have any more local wellness recommendations!


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