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the spiky mat

Updated: Feb 9

My love,

Your sharp plastic points bed in to my skin as I slowly suspend my weight upon you.

My back is tight. It is sore. I feel old.

But you will release me. I trust your hard love.

My lumber is prickly and hot like a sting from a nettle. My breath must slow

and rise low. The tingles spread up my back as though they are reaching, like the tide as it searches a beach. You feel intense on my delicate sensitive body, but I know you love me. I take air in through my nose, and watch it as it travels down my larynx, trachea and into the depths of my lungs.

My diaphragm is happy with the attention and allows my tummy to ripen and swell.

As my sides widen, your strong tips bury themselves further - into my skin, into my muscle, into my fascia. I can't move now. I have given myself over to you. I can't run, so I accept. I let your grip release the grip I once held. You feed my thoracolumbar, and my muscles slowly refuel.

The acupressure makes me sleepy My crown feels light and my tummy rumbles.

My watch tells me its been 30 minutes I check in, Am I breathing deeply? Yes

Initial symptoms dispensed? Yes

Content? Yes

I feel calm, yet motivated. You have relaxed my busy mind, my love.

You have soothed my achey body and injected an ocean of peace.

My chest has opened, You held me until I felt whole again and now I must peel myself away,

leaving you is hard, but I am sure to feel you for the rest of the day

Until next time, my spikey friend.

Hopefully you can tell that I absolutely adore the Spiky mat (or The Shakti Mat) and I recommend it to almost every one of my reflexology clients. It's benefits are so obvious and to me clearly outweigh the initial daunting worry of getting prodded.

If you can imagine those clever beans that lay on a bed of nails, well they are doing it for a very good reason, and the spikey mat has basically evolved from those metal prongs. Although yes the spikes are initially prickly, the point is that they alleviate tender areas by increasing circulation around the body. This is how pain management also works. The nervous system is engaged from this sensitive form of therapy, and any pain we experience (say joint pain, or headaches) is dispersed over the whole body. As acupressure points are targeted, any tenderness in the muscles and fascia can move more freely.

The spikey mat in my opinion is truly such a great and useful tool to turn to at home or on the go. Just 10-20 minutes can help you to feel like yourself again!

My favourite aspect is that I can spread my feet across the spikes which is basically like reflexology where ever I am! Very quickly I can stop what I am doing, walk across the mat and instantly feel grounded and rerooted. Head to The Shakti Mat website to read more about the spikey mat..

r e r o o t r e f l e x o l o g y

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