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Reflexology Reviews for Alice

A lovely collection of reviews from some of Alice's clients.

"I have been coming to see Alice for reflexology for a few months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey. The treatments came at a time I felt really exhausted, drained and run down. Gradually they have helped me relax and unwind, something I am incorporating into my days more now bit by bit. Having two small children is so wonderful but it also comes with its challenges and sacrifices. The little bit of 'me' time is so appreciated each time I walk through the door and into her warm and comforting studio. Alice has such a natural ability, she is so patient and kind and I feel she is definitely on the right path." - L

"I have found my treatments with Alice a revelation! As a sceptical person it has been great to feel the benefits and I find the information she shares with me incredibly accurate. I remember going into one of my sessions with a headache and by the end of it my headache had completely gone which for me has never happened without taking painkillers. I have depressive tendencies and have never really known what it is like to experience true long lasting happiness. I asked Alice if we could play Indian inspired music in our sessions and combined with her touch it was then that I started to feel more optimistic. I have taken on board the need for more relaxation in my life to help support my mental state and how to listen to the advice from Alice (I enjoy applying pressure to my solar plexus reflex on my hand along with taking 3 long deep breaths). I feel such an improvement in my overall wellbeing and I strongly feel that the holistic approach is for me." - M

"Having reflexology with Alice was such a positive and calm experience. From laying down on the couch I just felt this instant stillness...bliss! The thought of my feet being touched made me feel ticklish at first but it's really not like that and Alices firm pressure was perfect for me. It was all so relaxing and positive . I loved hearing about how areas of my feet are linked to the organs of my body and I have not looked at feet the same way since my treatment started! Reflexology is fascinating and I could really see how much Alice enjoyed helping me." - S

"My course of reflexology treatments with Alice was completely new to me and I am so glad I jumped in and trusted in the process. As the weeks went by it really taught me to slow down, to appreciate the small achievements in my days and be able to reduce overwhelm, which is a burden for me. I loved that one week we would be chatty but then another week she would let me just close my eyes and switch off. I loved fully dropping into a sleep which is something I find hard to do during the day. With Alice it was easy! She is really informative without giving an overwhelming amount of information, just enough for me to remember each week. Since my course of treatments I use the tips she gave me for the pressure points on my hands to help ease tension headaches and anxiety. It is amazing how a couple of hours a week can really comfort and ground me. Reflexology with Alice is the perfect tonic! She has such a lovely spirit and so I highly recommend going to see her." - F

"My reflexology treatments with Alice incredibly relaxing. Some of the pressure points on my feet were really tender but after Alice had worked into them my feet and body felt much lighter. My sessions have made me aware that I need to care and respect my feet more because they work hard for me. I found the connections between points on my feet and the physical ailments in my body really interesting, without telling Alice what aches I had in my body she managed to accurately pin point them. The emotional/psychological interpretations of the points that Alice had flagged made me look at elements in my life that perhaps were weighing heavily on my emotional state and that were manifesting themselves in my body - super interesting! I also spend more time now moisturising and massaging my feet after a bath or shower because they are so fascinating and my little feet deserve it." - K

"My sleep has improved a huge amount since my treatments with Alice, something I have always found difficult working long shifts in the hotel industry. In turn this has made me understand my body on a whole new level and I never knew how powerful reflexology could be. You'll love going to see her too, she is so empathetic and a real joy to see each week. Even just laying on the massage couch listening to the birds tweeting outside is so therapeutic in itself not to mention the holistic touch from Alice." - H

"I love coming to see Alice for reflexology in her countryside cabin. I don't have any specific physical concerns with my health at the moment but I felt like signing up to a course of 6 treatments to see if it could lift my mental state and I still go to her when I feel I need a boost. Knowing I have that support is so worth it to me and I genuinely do feel more hopeful about my future. When I walk out of each session I feel connected to the earth and such a huge wave of calm wash over me. It also just feels so nice to have my feet treated, I never realised until this last year how relaxing it could be to have them massaged! Sometimes I feel transported into another world and I enjoy that floaty space. Thank you Alice you are such a brilliant therapist." - R

"I have been having reflexology with Alice for almost a year now and honestly it is such a sensory experience every time I go to see her. The location of her studio is absolutely gorgeous, it is the perfect environment for me and to be away from any sort of hustle and bustle. The walk through her lovely garden and up to her sweet little studio is magical and then when you step into her studio you are greeted with such a warm energy and beaming smile from Alice. The first couple of times I went to see her she met me by my car to show me where to walk and now I just love my little stroll up the steps. Any tension I am carrying is left outside that's for sure! Some of my favourite appointments have been when it is raining as I love the sound of the raindrops on the corrugated roof. It is heaven there! I also love seeing her paintbrushes out on the shelf and some of her watercolour paintings on the wall, she is truly talented. She has a natural healing energy and healing hands. Mind, body and soul, this is THE reflexology for me!" - C

If you have worked with us and have some feedback you would like to share, please click the button below to leave a google review. We really appreciate every review as it helps us to build on our practice.

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