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Faye & Reflexology

Updated: Feb 21

During treatments, clients always ask how I got into reflexology. I always imagine them having a sudden realisation that massaging feet was definitely not an ambition they or their old classmates would have aspired to. To be honest, it wasn’t an ambition of mine either. But when I came across reflexology in my 20s, it just sparked every inch in my body. It ticked all the boxes, and I was so eager to learn more about it. Have you ever had that thing that just clicks with you? That something that you have been waiting for? Well that's how I felt about reflexology. It opened my eyes to this huge holistic world that I had so far been outside of. Once I opened the door to this world, everything around me just came so easy.

If you ever find yourself studying an “alternative therapy”, you will know you can’t do it without going on a journey of self-discovery. You become more aware of your own needs and care as your confidence grows with learning something new. It's fascinating to see how you incorporate your new found education into the rest of your reality. How you interact with others, what you deem to be important, or how you think of yourself. My life slowed down since allowing a holistic approach into my life. I no longer wish to be on greener grass, and I now trust in my process and progress.

Reflexology literally changed my life. I have seen how it has changed others too. I have supported people with diagnoses including Endometriosis and PTSD, and have used reflexology to help people manage their symptoms, and ultimately improve their quality of life. I am absolutely passionate about how this simple approach, of allowing people to rest, gives them the time and space to let go of the stress building in their minds and bodies.

Down here in Cornwall we are so blessed with our surroundings and it is easy to find sanctuary in the rugged coastline and crystal clear waters. You would think that everyone leads a peaceful and calm lifestyle down here, but unfortunately stress can and does find a way to seep into us all. Those who have strenuous jobs, or busy families, or students with deadlines, or worries about the future. We are all susceptible to the ick that can consume us, and I for one can sometimes easily forget about the beautiful bay that lays just a 10 minute walk away. Life can sometimes seem quite hard, and having a little extra support can go a long way.

Jubilee Wharf in Penryn is home to some wonderful healers and movement facilitators. I was lucky enough to be offered a space in one of the healing rooms as soon as I qualified back in 2020. It could have seemed like a bit of a risk to take on a studio space with no clients, and deep in the depths of a global pandemic where touch therapy was definitely off the table. But this building is special. It made me feel safe with gorgeous visions of me being able to support people in a wholesome relaxing environment. The round edges of wooden beams making an appearance in all the rooms, makes me feel so calm and comforted. The gentle hum of people coming and going for dance classes or sound baths is energising. I feel constantly inspired by all the individuals that come through this stunning eco building, their readiness to focus on themselves, to talk or move through their ailments. I love it here, and I have tried to make my space echo the whole building. I have chosen burnt oranges on the wall which makes me feel so warm, like the sun is heating up my body, and my dad kindly crafted the most beautiful desk, with light wood tones and a clever design. It feels special to have these personal touches, like my books and the pure beauty of my orange water jug that my mum and I bonded over. These sparkle in the corner of my eyes, and remind me of my own sense of self, which is utterly grounding. I love my studio, and I hope you will feel at peace here too.

Thank you for reading. If you ever have any questions please get in touch and if you ever feel you need extra support or are just curious, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Qualifications & CPD:

Distinction in Reflexology - Level 3 Diploma Practitioner's Course - Devon School of Reflexology - May 2020

Introduction to Nerve Reflexology - 2 day workshop - Reflex Master - October 2020

Mental Health First Aider - MHFA England - February 2021

Suicide First Aid digital training - Healthy Cornwall, SFA - February 2021

Reflexology for Women's Health - 2 day workshop - Reflexology Academy - June 2021

Foundation Certificate in Counselling (Level 3 equivalent) - Heartwood Counselling & Psychotherapy - November 2022

Working at Relational Depth in Counselling & Psychotherapy - 1 day workshop - Lifetime Therapy - November 2023

Therapy and Social Change - 1 day workshop - Lifetime Therapy - November 2023



9am - 7pm











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