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Reflexology Reviews for Faye

Updated: Apr 18

A selection of reviews generously provided by some of Faye's clients.

“I have been having weekly reflexology treatments with the lovely Faye for around 9 weeks now, I have it on a Monday morning and the difference it makes to my week is amazing!! It resets me, I feel so relaxed after! I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met, she sets the room up to be a little haven of peaceful serenity! Soft music, trickling water sounds, essential oils, salt lamps, not to mention the chair that you sink into before she gently reclines you and tucks you in with a blanket!! Faye’s knowledge of the feet and the areas of the body is phenomenal, she really gets you experiencing the mind-body connection, and when you leave… you get to really experience what walking on air really means!” - S

“I have recently completed a 6 week reflexology course with the fabulous Faye and wow.  I have to say although I was keen to try, I was still a little reluctant at the healing powers of stimulating energy pathways, releasing blockages and restoring balance in your body that you are to believe.  Well how wrong was I.  Faye's therapy room is quaint, inviting and comfortable and with gentle sounds in the background.  Faye is a natural professional at making you feel at ease (you can't learn that) . What she doesn't know about the pressure points on your feet isn't worth knowing; I was in awe.  I learnt a lot about my personal energy flows and was guided with what I can do to help myself every day. These little tweaks and pieces of advice have really helped me to understand and feel balance and I would urge and recommend you to spend an hour with Faye, you can thank me later.” - L

“I took part in Faye's Remedy course earlier this year and it was simply magical. She's a true healer. I didn't know anything about reflexology prior to meeting Faye, she has taught me so much. I find the whole treatment fascinating and she really can "read" your body. She will instantly make you feel at ease and the treatment will send you into a deep state of relaxation. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she helped me through a lot during a very stressful time.” - A

“I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I signed up for the 6 weeks, having never had reflexology before. However, I knew Faye already from SUP, and having worked continuously in the NHS throughout the pandemic, I knew I was desperately in need of something to lift my spirits.

Faye could not have been more welcoming and has created a calm, healing space for this therapy. 

In our first session, Faye took time to make an assessment of my feet and the various body systems that are mapped on each. She took the time to explain what she was doing and so I was able to tell the differences between one foot and another and pressure differences on different aspects of each foot as she worked.

Of the 6 sessions, I found the 2nd session the hardest, as Faye was releasing so much tension I didn't know I was holding. By the 3rd session, we had got into a routine of starting with a 'body scan' before she started, to get me into the right headspace. I found this almost as relaxing as Faye looking after my feet! 

After each session, my feet felt looser and I had a real boost in energy. Having completed the 6 weeks, I am determined to continue with this healing therapy because I have felt so much better for giving myself that time with a completely fantastic reflexologist." - L

“I have been having reflexology with the wonderful Faye for 6 weeks. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone that needs to connect to their body and mind. She is the most caring and gentle person I've had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from♡

The time she is with you is totally devoted to your wellbeing.. the outside world is a memory and the treatments are tailored to EXACTLY what you need in that moment.

I am so thankful I started my treatments with Faye and I will continue for as long as she will see me” - H

"​​I hit my head 2 years ago, and spent 12 months recovering from a mild brain injury with post concussion syndrome and PTSD. In amongst all of the appointments that I had - NHS and private, Faye’s Reroot Reflexology sessions were the only appointments that I continued throughout my recovery and always came home from feeling positive, relaxed and calm. 

I experienced a lot of fatigue and social anxiety at this time, so I often had to cancel plans last minute. However I was always able to go to Faye’s sessions, knowing they were always a safe space and wouldn’t be too loud or overwhelming for me. 

Thank you so much Faye for all of your support at a really challenging time." - P

"I’ve been going to reroot reflexology regularly for 2 years now, and I always recommend it to everyone because of how much I enjoy it, and how much it helps me. Faye’s kindness and compassion is inspiring. She takes the time to listen and provides a tranquil space for healing, support and relaxation. It can also be a re-energising and grounding experience."-M

"Faye is very friendly, smiley and warm - i enjoyed visiting her for reflexology. I benefitted a lot from treatments in many ways. I would have benefitted just from talking to her. Her space and personality make you feel safe, she allowed me to talk a lot without any judgement and sometimes I drifted off into relaxation, both were very healing for me. I experienced her to be a good listener, and thoughtful with some hard working hands, fingers and thumbs. If you are going to see a reflexologist, see Faye." -G

"Faye is one of the most incredible humans you could hope to meet. Her space is welcoming, calming and grounding, as is Faye.

The 6 week Remedy sessions have set me on a path I am so grateful for, I can’t recommend it enough. The support from Faye as both a reflexology practitioner and as an amazing listener with great insight and nurturing advice is such a powerful combo and in a few months I have seen my myself grow from a place of burnout and feeling completely overwhelmed to a place of groundedness where I feel more supported and am able to trust in myself, listen to what’s going on emotionally with more authenticity and to find calm after stressful moments more readily.

The ripple effects of working with Faye have been so wonderful, reflexology is certainly a therapy I never expected to get so much from but I am excited to continue exploring. You won’t regret giving it a try." - T

If you have worked with us and have some feedback you would like to share, please click the button below to leave a google review. We really appreciate every review as it helps us to build on our practice.

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