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Thank you for stopping by and showing your interest in “the.remedy”.We will tell you here a little bit about the course and our approach.

What is the remedy?

The Remedy is our reflexology program that we have designed around your commitment to your wellbeing. We believe that everything we need to lead a more positive and healthier lifestyle is already within us. Over 6 weeks we will provide space using talking and touch therapies to release any built up tensions. Our ability to provide space also encourages you to acknowledge the processes that are getting in your way and we are confident that with our support within these 6 weeks you will feel lighter, centred and more grounded than you did to begin.

What will happen during the reflexology sessions?

In week 1 we will provide you with a humble safe space for 2 hours.

This session goes through your medical history and what is going on in your personal life. You can share as much or as little as you like with us. However you feel on the day.

This initial communication builds our energy connection as your trust is grown with us and allows for a more effective treatment.

As reflexology is a holistic approach to your health, you may find that you talk about your personal experiences. That is totally normal and we provide the space for you to do so. Tears are welcome here!

Your sessions are your time to relax and focus on what you need.

The touch therapy (reflexology) will be approximately 1 hour.

Reflexology works by mapping out the body onto the hands and feet. We use different amounts of pressure to work over these reflex points. You may feel different sensations as we do so and each feeling creates the bigger picture of your being.

After the treatment you will have time to feel the positive effects of the therapy working while we discuss ways in which you can add changes to your lifestyle. This will increase the healing process of the treatment.

You will leave the session feeling grounded and at peace with your surroundings. You will feel supported and cared for.

Over the following weeks we will have tailored a further 5 reflexology sessions to suit your individual needs. These sessions will assist your body to realign naturally. The sessions may also include breathing exercises and led meditations to help you to be fully present within your body.

Why have reflexology?

As this is a journey you may experience all sorts physically and emotionally.

After each treatment you may feel;



-A headache

-Like you need the toilet

These are normal reactions and it is just your body trying to release what no longer serves it. This will pass after 48 hours. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat healthily.

You may also feel;

-Less stressed


-Less anxious


-Like your sleep pattern has improved

-More energised

-Less pain

Everyone responds differently, but always positively.

How to book the.remedy?

If you would like to experience the.remedy or if you have any questions, please click here.

You can also find out a little more about which therapist you would like to work with by clicking here.

The course of treatments is £330. If you feel that there is a financial barrier to accessing support, please do let me know and we can work something out that suits you.

We are passionate about reflexology and we believe that why we see such positive results is that this type of therapy allows your body to slow down and rest. When your body feels rested it can begin to heal and that's where we see positive change. We fully believe in coming home to your body, to reroot ourselves and reclaim our space.

We really looking forward to working with you and watching you grow.

r e r o o t r e f l e x o l o g y

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