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Alice & Reflexology

Updated: Apr 3

Hello! I'm Alice, and I am a reflexologist in Cornwall who wants to share knowledge and my passion for feeling grounded and peaceful, through having reflexology treatments.

It was whilst I was laying back having a course of reflexology treatments that I looked at my therapist working on my feet, and I could see myself sitting there with a client supporting them when they need me. Fascinated and curious with the gentle snippets of information my therapist gave me about how our feet correlate with our organs and body systems, I realised I needed to study this holistic therapy too. I have always been interested in health, movement, alternative therapies, natural healing and products, compassion and feel-good foods so it all just made complete sense to me. I used to work for LUSH and I loved learning about the benefits that herbs, plants and essential oils can be to us inside and out. Combined with meeting new people, listening and consulting, I will always have fond memories of working there because it aligns with who I am as a person and working there was the beginning of where I am today. I would visit the LUSH spas regularly and the holistic experience down to the folk/birdsong music, cruelty free products and touch, has always stuck in my mind. It was such a magical first impression of touch therapy.

The power of touch, to me, is communication without words, it communicates compassion and helps you to feel understood and cared for. I love that reflexology enables you to look at yourself as a whole, physically and emotionally. Reflexology has helped me to understand myself and others better. I have helped people unblock built up energy that needs releasing before it could manifest into something more serious. And I have heard clients say many times “you found that through touching my feet?”, so amazing to hear! I feel that we forget about our feet and all that they do for us on a daily basis. To give them that time out and attention, as well as our minds can help keep unwanted feelings at bay. Our environment, what, and who we choose to surround ourselves with plays a huge part in our daily life and the decisions we make. So I am really passionate about supporting people when they feel they need to slow down and rest.

Creativity is at my core, and it all started with dance. I grew up moving my body and I continue to do so to look after my state of mind. I am also a watercolour illustrator which allows me to be experimental. We all have our own ways of rest and relaxation, and movement, painting and touch are all forms of meditation to me.

Cornwall is a special place surrounded by nature with the option of walking amongst tall trees or vast open spaces on the coast path. Floating peacefully in silky waters or energetically jumping into the ocean's waves. This quiet, simple and steady life I lead supports my own mental wellbeing and I love living here.

My studio is also where I paint so this little room means a lot to me, it is where my creativity happens and where I feel a positive energy. The soft, natural colour palette is a combination of a calm woodland and the ocean, with plants, gypsophila and seashells. It can suit the change of seasons through the summer to the winter. I can make it light and airy in here or warm and cosy. I will always aim to nurture you and your needs.

I hope to see you here one day, to feel inspired and grounded. Where you can find balance in your mind, body and spirit. It is all so intrinsically linked.

Alice x

Studio location: Carn Marth, Cornwall.






4:00pm - 7:00pm


9:00am - 7:00pm





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