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A bare pair of legs floating in crystal clear water.

welcome to reroot reflexology

where we empower & facilitate a diverse lifestyle for a healthy mind, body and soul


we believe a harmonic lifestyle is based on four elements; Movement, Rest, Nutrition and Community. While reflexology fits neatly within rest, we encourage diversity over all areas to live a life in flow.


as a ancient holistic therapy, reflexology looks to create balance and harmony within the body and mind. By using different amounts of pressure over your feet and hands, your practitioner can release blockages found in the rest of your body. Reflexology relaxes and restores.

A profile picture of Faye, the reflexology practitioner. She has long wavey blonde hair and no make up. She is wearing a light yellow t-shirt with a silver circle pendant necklace.

We're glad you're here

Faye is our qualified and experienced holistic practitioner.

After qualifying from Devon School of Reflexology she has spent hundreds of hours supporting individuals with their physical and mental wellbeing. She is passionate about mental health, and being able to provide those suffering, with space and resolution. Faye is also training to be a Person Centred Counsellor in which the skills developed will enhance her relationship with her clients and provide more awareness within her reflexology sessions.

discover how reflexology can benefit you.

Reflexology can help support many different ailments including physical and mental relief such as Endometriosis and all its varying symptoms. Reflexology is great for giving your body and mind the space to heal as the relaxing effects of this therapy provide a meditative state in which your body can return to its natural homeostasis.

wanting to support someone else?

We have gift cards for all of our sessions or courses wether your gifting for someone who is yet to experience the magic of reflexology, or gifting to someone who is already sharing their wellbeing journey with us. You can read more here about how you can support others with their mental & physical wellbeing and why reflexology might be the perfect tool to do so.

Two sets of sandy bare feet laying on some brown rocks. The sea is lapping against the rocks.


Before committing to a course of treatments,  you may want to book on to this wonderful session of exploration. This is your chance to meet with your therapist to share what has been on your mind and why you are ready to take this next step in self-care.

1 Session - 90 to 120 minutes


A hazy image of a pair of bare legs pokey out of the sea. The sea and sky are milky blue, and it looks as though someone has just dove into the water.

The Remedy

You may already know about reflexology or are ready to commit to kickstarting your wellbeing journey so the.remedy course would be perfect for you. This course is tailored over 6 weeks - 1 session per week, which will explore the stresses and any difficulties you are experiencing right now. Over the weeks as the reflexology works on a deeper layer each time, you will start to recognise anything that is holding you back and feel stronger and more confident than when you started. After your session you will always feel grounded, rested and realigned with your mind, body and soul.

6 Sessions x 6 weeks - First 90 to 120 mins, then 60 mins


A pair of hands close together but opened up like a book. There is a light beam on the open hands.

The Tincture

These humble sessions are dedicated to worshipping your delicate hard working hands. Reflexology applied throughout the fingers, thumbs, palms and wrists brings renewed energy and a lightness that's indescribable. The Tincture is another wonderful way to experience the wonders of reflexology.

1 Session - 30 minutes



“I’ve noticed that I am more able to deal with the stresses of my week without feeling overwhelmed. The session itself is so tranquil, Faye is the kindest, most soothing person I have ever met.”


Take a deep belly breath, relax and enjoy some time out reading through our thoughts on our beautiful holistic world.

Get in touch

We know you might have questions regarding how this alternative therapy could help you, and we are ready to answer them. Fill in the contact form and we will gladly get back to you.


Tel: 07435549083

Thank you, we look forward to speaking with you.

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